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Articles in Press

July 2017

Volume 2  Issue 1


Case Report

Laparoscopic-Assisted Trucut Biopsy for the Diagnosis of Linitis Plastica

Gamal E H. A. El Shallaly*FRCSEd, MFSTEd, MMAS (Dundee), CertTHE(Dundee)

Linitis plastica is a type of adenocarcinoma of the stomach that is both rare and difficult to diagnose and has poor prognosis. Median survival is 6-8 months and the 5 year 8% (3-10%). Unlike other types of adenocarcinomas that can readily be identified at endoscopy as an ulcerative, flat, or polypoid lesions, the features of this cancer are so subtle that it can be missed unless a high level of suspicion is practiced.   

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 Research Article

Tau and Pet/Mri Imaging Biomarkers for Detecting and Diagnosing Early Dementia

Yongxia Zhou, Ph.D.*, Bing Bai, and For the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Specific objective of this project is to quantify the neuropathological tau depositions in brain regions and to investigate primary age-related tau pathology and associations with amyloid and glucose-metabolism, neurocognitive tests and MRI metrics. Preliminary results demonstrated higher temporal deposition especially in the hippocampus and the inferior temporal regions compared to mean cortical deposition. Quantitative Braak stage-based regional analyses found highest tau deposition in the Braak stage II in the preclinical samples.   


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